Blue Coat PacketShaper solutions provide visibility and control over network traffic to improve application monitoring and performance for any user, anywhere, across the networks of distributed enterprises.

PrintBlue Coat’s all-in-one WAN optimization technologies build on each other to form an “intelligent overlay” that bridges the gap between IP networks and the branch office-ensuring optimal application performance and end user experience at every location.

74 Percent of the World’s Largest Companies use PacketShaper

  • Monitor 500+ applications with Layer 7 Plus network visibility
  • Shape traffic in real-time with flexible policy-based QoS control
  • Accelerate and compress applications for maximum performance
  • Deploy and control multiple units with centralized management and reporting

Maximize Performance across the WAN
Stop the endless cycle of bandwidth upgrades. PacketShaper maximizes application throughput across your existing network infrastructure. Get more done in less time, with fewer performance-related complaints and a higher Quality of Service (QoS) for all networked users.

Capitalize on Server Consolidation
Consolidating servers from remote sites to centralized data centers makes sense, yet the additional traffic loads require accurate classification, monitoring and shaping before any benefits can be realized. PacketShaper identifies and controls common traffic-including CIFS, VoIP, CRM, Web and P2P-while also tracking Microsoft®’s underlying CIFS changes in R2.

Realize True QoS for IP Telephony and VoIP

IP Telephony (IPT) and Voice/Video over IP (VoIP) implementation vary between an enterprise and its employees, impacting each network differently. Successful deployment hinges on guaranteed bandwidth and QoS, as well as fitting more calls onto a limited WAN resource. PacketShaper effectively manages critical IPT protocols, delivering WAN capacity and true QoS functionality to ensure the highest quality end-to-end communication for each call.

Deliver and Extend on MPLS Promise
MPLS and IP VPNs are useful for connecting distributed locations, but benefits can’t be realized if applications are oversubscribed, traffic stalls in bottlenecks and critical applications are improperly assigned to best-effort classes. PacketShaper makes good on the MPLS promise, assessing performance and identifying and marking application traffic with special handling needs so traffic can move smoothly to the enterprise edge.

Enhance Network Security
Internal threats from worm infections, unsanctioned recreational traffic and rogue servers can severely impact network capacity and bring down critical applications. PacketShaper helps identify infected PCs and unsanctioned traffic as well as protect performance of key applications and the network during attack-all while delivering hard ROI from bandwidth savings, increased WAN capacity and accelerated application performance.