Address performance, manageability and data integrity issues caused by server consolidation or collaboration between remote sites. The iShared solution:

  • Boosts WAN performance of applications and file services
  • Minimizes impact of additional WAN traffic
  • Eliminates remote data management
  • Guarantees data integrity between branches and data center
  • Scales to thousands of users on a single appliance

Enjoy Great File Performance over the WAN

Make centralized files seem local. Leverage native CIFS and TCP acceleration to overcome poor performance caused by latency and distance as well as protocol design issues. Open, save and manage files remotely much faster than usual branch office speed.

Reduce WAN Traffic

Drastically reduce data traffic over the WAN. File-aware, dictionary-based compression and read/write LRU RAID-backed caching reduce the amount of data sent—optimizing bandwidth consumption. Only data changes are transmitted—not entire files—making for more efficient WAN traffic.

Centrally Manage Branch Offices

Manage branch offices from a single point—not multiple servers—in the context of your existing Windows infrastructure without breaking Microsoft security. Branch office workers access native Windows print, DNS/DHCP, Web and domain controller services from their local iShared system.

Eliminate Data Integrity Risk

Ensure data integrity and availability with maximum WAFS performance by protecting branch users from stale data, write collisions, WAN outages and system failures. iShared’s distributed file system supports end-to-end security mechanisms like SMB signing or IPsec, and incorporates sophisticated journaling and recovery techniques that maintains full availability and transparency for file read/write operations in case of WAN disruptions/outages.


iShared solutions optimize application performance across the WAN in consolidated server and storage environments.