Great Application Performance for the Next Generation Branch Office

WAN optimization works in concert with wide area file services (WAFS) for performance gains, not sacrifices — thanks to iShaper’s unrivaled Dual Plane architecture. iShaper lets you:

Centralize and consolidate critical file, security, backup and storage services with dramatically faster file and storage access for branch office users.

  • Deliver LAN-like speed and reliability to all applications — voice, video and data.
  • Eliminate residual remote servers with full fidelity Microsoft Branch Office Services (DNS, DHCP, Print) and extend centralized authentication with native Microsoft Domain Controller.
  • Define and control service levels for all key business applications.
  • Monitor and control over 600 applications with unique Layer 7 Plus visibility.
Installed in branch locations, iShaper provides all WAFS and WAN optimization benefits in an easily managed, single appliance that delivers great performance to all of your key applications – voice, video or data. Packeteer iShared® and PacketShaper® complete the picture at the data center.

Consolidate Branch Office IT without Compromise

Realize the promise of server and storage consolidation — security and compliance, simplicity and cost — without performance degradation due to increased WAN dependency. Say good-bye to slow file access, low quality IP telephony and unreliable applications as iShaper streamlines operational complexity while greatly improving centralized data access and application delivery to the branch office.

Deliver High Performance for Every Application — Voice, Video and Data

Enjoy LAN-like delivery of centralized data, services and critical business applications — voice, video and data — at your branch office locations. Leveraging Packeteer’s Intelligent Application Acceleration, Deep Layer 7 Plus visibility and application quality of service (QoS), iShaper ensures the availability and highest performance of applications that matter most while curtailing the impact of non-business network traffic. Business comes first!

Eliminate Residual Branch Servers with Single Appliance Simplicity

iShaper’s single appliance simplicity transitions branch office IT to a serverless model — removing complexity, centralizing storage and slashing branch operational costs. With localized delivery of native Microsoft Print, SMS, DNS/DHCP and Domain Controller, iShaper eliminates all residual remote servers from branch locations. iShaper incorporates genuine Microsoft Windows® Server technologies, making it fully integrated with any native Microsoft networking, sharing, management and security processes. Just another way that iShaper is keeping things simple without sacrificing security!