Why your new SaaS application just broke your Internet connection

Why your new SaaS application just broke your Internet connection

Many companies today are switching from in-house business applications to cloud-based applications. Many software vendors now offer both options, such as Microsoft Exchange Server software and Microsoft Exchange delivered via Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud service.

Some companies adopt these cloud-based applications, also known as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) applications, to reduce the amount of data center servers, storage, and software they own and maintain. Others choose SaaS applications because of availability through multiple devices. Other companies prefer the features and functionality with no internal staff overhead to maintain the system.

Whatever the reason, many clients fail to include their Internet provider and connection speed in the planning when they implement these SaaS applications. And that can be a problem.

SaaS applications and any cloud services put extra demands on your Internet connection. Your cloud services provider should be able to give you some information about the bandwidth required by their service per session. Multiple simultaneous sessions can quickly exhaust a company’s existing Internet bandwidth. Cloud services and SaaS apps can also cause spikes at irregular times. How does a company solve these cloud-services collateral issues?

Many companies choose to use multiple Internet connections with failover capabilities. This usually translates to a device or two in the data center, and bandwidth from two different providers. In colocation facilities, this multiple connection with failover model may also be available as a service. Companies may also choose to shape the Internet traffic to minimize the impact of spikes and the risk of outages.

Be mindful of the Internet bandwidth demands for all of your cloud based app and services. Consider failover and high availability if downtime is unacceptable. Use traffic shaping technologies to get the most our of your bandwidth. Have more questions? Contact cloud and Internet connection experts.

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