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Microsoft is racing to deliver streamlined application delivery to its customers in the Azure world. The recent developments in Windows 2016 Server continue to indicate that easy and flexible application delivery is a key tenant for Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V services. An example, is the recently released Container construct.

Containers are immutable building blocks that can be replicated nearly instantly. These Containers represent application isolation boundaries or ways to encapsulate programmatic structures. In virtualization terms, Containers are images or virtual machines. Examples of this are the OS, Kernel, applications such as .Net so it that can be shared and replicated. Also included would be your end user applications that are built on top of those same Containerized resources. Containers are supported in Azure and Hyper-V using Docker and PowerShell when using Windows 2016 Server.

The benefit of this Container construct is that you can replicate your application environment quickly and easily. This is a boon for application developers as it speeds the process of delivering quality applications. Need additional resources to support an influx of users; replicate your web server using only the parts and pieces of the OS and dependent applications. Sharing the predictable base of containers that you have already proven effective.

Container based methods have been around for a long time and now proven out by Microsoft in their Azure environment. It is now available in Windows 2016 and ready for companies to leverage their own environment in Azure, locally hosted Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V environments.

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