Marrying In-House and Outsourced IT Teams

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It’s been said that change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again. For those of us in the technology realm, it means continuously refining systems and gearing up for the next big change in what our customers expect and how our businesses operate.

When considering their IT needs, many organizations feel pressured to choose between in-house teams and external expert help. Although it may seem like an obvious choice, it’s often a needless dilemma because for most organizations, the answer is both.

Some of the most efficient IT operations you’ll ever come across consist of a synergetic marriage between internal and external teams. Let’s think through this, shall we?

The best in-house IT staff cares about the company’s critical systems. They know the company’s users, understand the different technologies in use, and know how they fit together to solve everyday problems for their end users. In-house teams are most qualified to understand the big picture and directly impact service levels. And yet, adding a new staff member can be difficult to fund or justify. Conversely, firing a problem IT staff member can be painful in many ways.

Sometimes, it makes financial sense to bring in outside experts. An objective look at the current state of IT in your organization will often expose opportunities for improvement, because no IT program is perfect (or static). When those blind spots and deficiencies are identified, it’s often better to “rent” the additional technical expertise required for a new implementation, then train the in-house team to maintain it. Complex IT projects tend to amplify risks of failure, and outside help enables you to move that risk off your shoulders and onto the shoulders of experts who have completed similar projects with repeated success.

What’s the right mix for your organization? Here’s a handy white paper — we’ll show you what questions to ask and what aspects to consider. Download now and let us know what points we can clarify for you.


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