Hyper-V Sizzles with Hot-Add Features on Windows Server 2016

Hyper VSizzleswithHot AddFeaturesonWindowsServer

There are two new improvements that Microsoft has added in Windows Server 2016 to help with productivity and up time. The first is the ability to add network adapters to (or remove from) running virtual machines. This new feature is only supported on Generation 2 virtual machines but, interesting enough, works on both Windows and Linux VMs.

The second improvement is the ability to adjust the assigned memory size used in a virtual machine while running, and without needing to have Dynamic Memory turned on. What system administrator won’t appreciate that feature? Unlike the first feature, this is supported on both Generation 1 and Generation 2 virtual machines when running on Windows Server 2016.

I believe these new features bring some (much needed) improvements to Hyper-V.

Additional information is available in the following Technet article:
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