Google Announcement Means More Cuts to Cloud Computing Prices

Google Announcement Means More Cuts to Cloud Computing Prices

Last month, Google announced it was slashing prices for its cloud computing platform. The cuts mean that business owners can now save as much as 30 percent on small instances for the platform’s Compute Engine services.

This is yet another mark in the downward trend in cloud platform prices. As mega companies Microsoft, Google and Amazon compete over the cloud computing market share, customers are the ones reaping the benefits.

Google has also recently launched a beta test for “preemptible instances,” which could result in 70 percent lower prices than standard instances.

For business owners, it’s essential to continue to evaluate pricing trends when determining cloud computing solutions. Recent cuts show that slashes from big providers may be a reoccurring event in the near future.

Of course, your choice of the right cloud computing provider should consider other factors beyond price. However, if the cost of doing business continues to fall, you won’t want to miss out.

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