Eric Brown – Disaster Recovery and the Agile Data Center


If there was one time that a data center and an IT group absolutely need to be agile, it would be the time immediately after a disaster strikes.

Disaster recovery planning is a challenge for every organization. The challenge doesn’t come from understanding the ‘what’ of disaster recovery; everyone knows what should be done to appropriately protect for disasters. The challenge for most organizations comes with the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ in disaster recovery planning.

Understanding (and implementing) the “how” of disaster recovery involves a great deal of thought and preparation to ensure that data is backed up to the appropriate location at the appropriate time to ensure disaster recovery processes work without a hitch when the time comes. Also, backup systems must be implemented and prepped to be able to take on the burden of systems that are lost during a disaster.

In addition to preparing data and systems for disaster, the “how” of recovering from any disaster must be considered. How will data and systems be restored? How will staff access systems and data in order to recover from any disaster? While these questions might be considered basic disaster recovery questions, they are the important ones to answer before disaster strikes.

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