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Recently Aidan Finn wrote an interesting blog post titled “Why I’m Diving Into Azure“. Aidan is well known in the virtualization community as a Microsoft MVP for Hyper-V and for always speaking his mind 🙂 To summarize his post, he believes that companies are moving to the cloud, Azure IaaS is compelling for many customers, especially those already using Hyper-V. On-premises management, including System Center, is increasing in complexity to the point where it is driving customers to the cloud and so on. In an environment where it is impossible to be an expert in Microsoft private cloud AND Azure, it presents choices that need to be made for the direction all of us take our careers.

I couldn’t agree more!

For those of you who don’t know my background, I am a Senior Architect in Microsoft Consulting Services. I’ve been one of the leads on most of our virtualization and management related offerings and been in the private cloud space for a long time. Two years ago I personally started shifting more of my focus to Azure and in the last year I have been strongly encouraging a lot of our folks in consulting to do so as well. With some great colleagues we have created multiple in-depth training courses on Azure, delivered training to over two hundred people this year, helped create some of the Azure certification content out there and so on.

Before I get into my top 5 reasons to steer your career to Azure, let me preface the by stating that I am not one of those people who think on-premises IT is going away any time soon. I do believe we have just hit the “curve in the hockey stick” where adoption of cloud will being to take the lion share of new deployments and migrations will cap the amount of on-premises infrastructure customers maintain and eventually lead to decreases. For those of you who are top experts in private cloud, there is plenty of opportunity for you. If you are not at the top of that game, or if you have 10 – 20 years more to go in your career, you really need to consider what I outline below.

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