Don’t let your business fail because you didn’t protect what is most important – your data! Innovative can help you determine the best way to safeguard your information. Establishing a fortified data security and recovery plan can protect you from a data breach – ultimately saving your company thousands (and in some cases, millions) of dollars.

Why is data security so important?

Today, the possibility of our information falling into the wrong hands is something all companies take very seriously. Data should also be protected from disasters (such as floods or fires) as much of your data is likely stored on premise-based servers that could be subject to this type of damage. Creating a recovery plan is just as important as securing your data, because this will allow your systems to continue running, even during these types of crises.

Data Security and Recovery

Why work with Innovative?

First-Class Field Experts 

Our team of experts can review your current data storage environment to find the optimal structure to keep your data protected and secure.

Expertise and Experience

We have the expertise and experience to know exactly how to protect your physical and virtual servers, complete with regularly scheduled backups and recovery tests.

Quick Data Recovery

We can ensure quick data recovery in the event of server downtime or disaster, so you will never be without your vital information again.

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