Earn Brand Trustworthiness with a Data Security Plan

Earn Brand Trustworthiness with a Data Security Plan

If you’ve ever had a bike, a candy bar or any of your other possessions stolen, you’re familiar with that feeling of distrust. In your mind, everyone is suspect. Now imagine hundreds or thousands of your employees, customers and vendors having that feeling about your company and the way you do business.

That’s the potential threat companies face if they’re unable to establish the type of data security plan that prevents personal data from getting stolen. Not only do you risk a tainted reputation, you could face massive financial losses. Target’s data breach is now estimated to have cost the company over $1 billion, while Sony’s breach is estimated at $171 million.

While no data security plan is ever fool-proof, you must take seriously the task of protecting your company against data breaches — whether or not $1 billion is on the line.

Here are just a few things to take into consideration to prevent the loss of data:

  1. Regularly schedule backups. This is one of the most critical ways to avoid loss of data. Program frequent backup of files to a local server that enables you to restore the data if necessary.
  1. Strategically store your data. Ensure that your data is protected by storing it in a location that’s not easily accessed by unauthorized employees. You also may want to consider using more than one location — preferably offsite — to house your data as part of a redundant plan. This provides extra protection if your company is crippled by a natural disaster or other event.
  1. Implement a mobile device security plan. Now that employees are increasingly using mobile devices as part of their day-to-day work tasks, it’s important to establish a policy on how they will be used to access company systems.
  1. Set up a strong encryption system. Make sure that it covers both desktops and mobile devices. For example, employees working remotely should have an encrypted VPN connection to be able to access work servers.

Data security is increasingly becoming a top priority for businesses, as threats continue to surge. And maintaining a strong data security plan is critical to keeping the trust of your employees, vendors and customers.

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