Research Firm Predicts What’s Coming for Data Centers and Tech in 2017


When it comes to technology and data center trends, experts should pay attention when Gartner comes out with a new report. The global research firm just recently came out with its top 10 technology forecasts — including several that impact the data center industry.

Among the most notable trends is that fewer and fewer companies are managing their data center systems onsite. An increasing number of them are moving more of their operations to cloud providers, colocation centers and SaaS vendors. With those moves comes more complexity, which were described collectively as the “Disappearing Data Center,” according to Gartner. “IT shops are realizing that as we move more work off-premise, it makes the job more complex,” said David Cappuccio, a Gartner analyst.

Gartner also pointed to a need to address unused physical servers in data services. The so-called zombie servers, which make up 28 percent of all physical servers, are in service but not running workloads. The firm also noted that a significant number of racks (40 percent) are underprovisioned. As a result, companies will need to look at ways to reduce their data center space by better managing capacity.

Coming up as No. 5 on the list was the concept of Data Center-as-a-Service. Gartner noted that this points to the “data center” being considered the center of computing resources, while managers operate in a role as the deliverer of services to companies.

Other trends included the increased use of containers, application streams and microservers. The difference from virtual machines and containers is that the latter only rely on what’s needed to run a program, while virtual machines need an operating system. As a result, containers “drive new ways of looking at development,” Cappuccio said at a conference in Orlando.

Micro and edge computing environments were also noted as a trend, driven in part by the Internet of Things (IoT). With these environments, compute resources are placed in areas where they are needed.

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