Many Threats to Data Centers are not so Sinister; Moisture is One

Data Center Security Must Include Focus on Physical Location

With cyber threats grabbing national headlines on a daily basis, other not-so-sinister threats still have the potential to cripple your data center operations. It pays to put cybersecurity at the top of your list of concerns, but issues related to chemicals, water leaks or other corrosive fluids need to be prioritized as well.

About 24 percent of data center outages were caused by complications related to weather, heat, water or CRAC failures, according to a report by the Ponemon Institute. These covered a number of complications, including defective pipes, flooding, structural issues with roofs and windows, and moisture from weather-related incidents.

Here are some tips for minimizing the risks of moisture damaging your equipment and, as a result, causing downtime.

Get an expert consultation. While you may be able to identify potential areas for leaks, including doors, windows and sloping floors, an expert may be able to detect areas that may not be so obvious. He or she may be able to determine other vulnerable spots. They also can recommend advanced leak detection and monitoring systems.

Invest in detection and monitoring systems. With advanced technology, you can receive alerts about areas that have been exposed to moisture — long before it can cause extensive damage. These type of detection and monitoring systems, which make use of sensors, can provide insights based on humidity levels, temperature, power, smoke, airflow and moisture both within your equipment and areas nearby, such as pipes.

Establish procedures. Make sure you set up a plan on how you will follow through in the event of a potential leak. What happens after you receive an alert? Your team should walk through a plan on how the issues will be quickly addressed before extensive damage can occur.

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