Recent Major Data Center Outages Reveal Need to Take Preventative Measures

Recent Major Data Center Outages Reveal Need to Take Preventative Measures

With thousands of flights grounded in recent months, the reality of data center outages and the impact it can have on a business’ operations — let alone the hit it takes to its brand reputation — became glaringly clear.

And, of course, when it happens to airline companies as big as Delta, Southwest and United, it reveals no company is immune.

Data center challenges like uptime, availability, maintenance and redundancy are all critical areas for IT experts to examine as they ensure that power remains uninterrupted for their companies and clients. The threats range from natural disasters and human errors to power outages and cyber attacks.

Here are several key areas to examine as part of your efforts to boost reliability:

Redundancy: In an effort to avoid single points of failure in data center operations, it is essential to establish redundant systems. Each company’s specific needs can determine the extent of redundant infrastructure, which can be a significant investment. Other options that could minimize costs include colocation and hybrid cloud solutions.

Sensors. To protect your equipment against moisture, fire and humidity, sensors that detect environmental issues can alert your team to issues such as leaking pipes, smoke and other damaging factors.

Backup systems. With backup systems that provide UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and generators you can have extra assurance that the data center will have automatic backup power in the event of an unexpected power outage.

Developing a plan that takes into account possibilities of an outage is essential — no matter the size of the company. Analyzing solutions that incorporate new technology, colocation, the cloud and other infrastructure could be key in keeping your operations running in the event of an outage or other disruption.

Consult with an expert to determine which options are best for your company.

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