Data Center Knowledge – Microsoft Azure Launches Monster Cloud Instances

DataCenterKnowledge MicrosoftAzureLaunchesMonsterCloudInstances

More workloads are moving to the cloud. Here’s Microsoft’s latest product offering for the enterprise.

The company claims they are the mightiest instances in the public cloud today. Amazon Web Services, Azure’s biggest public cloud competitor and market leader, provides 244 GiB of memory for its highest-memory instance and 6,400 GB of SSD storage for its highest-SSD-capacity instance. AWS also offers cloud VMs with 32 CPU cores.

Google Compute Engine, the other big contender, does not have 32-core instances. The highest-memory instance available on GCE is 104 GB. Google does not include instance-tied storage capacity in the individual instance parameters.

The Azure announcement comes before the expected roll-out of new high-octane cloud instances by AWS. Intel customized its Xeon E5 chips specifically for Amazon to support the upcoming C4 instances, which will go up to 36 virtual CPU cores and 60 GB of RAM.

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