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For all the concerns corporations initially had about the cloud, it appears that there has been a major shift in attitudes about using it to keep data secure. Based on a recent survey, 91 percent of organizations indicated that they have one or more services in the cloud.

In fact, the respondents to the Evolve IP poll took it a step further. An overwhelming number (80 percent) indicated that their company’s data is safer in the cloud than a physical location when facing hardware malfunctions and environmental disasters — all the key ingredients that could lead to major data loss.

Cloud for disaster recovery

Another survey revealed that cloud-based data backup solutions also are becoming more popular among businesses. This time the poll focused on respondents who already had lost valuable data in previous events. About 51 percent of the survey respondents said they still use hardware-based backup solutions. However, that’s down from 68 percent in 2015.

The survey also revealed that it’s not enough to have an effective backup plan and strategy. Many incidences of data loss could be traced back to human error. About 54 percent of the respondents said they did not have the time to research, develop and administer an effective backup solution. Also, many respondents were not doing daily backups.

Best practices for backup    

Whether you go with cloud-based or hardware-based backup solutions, some best practices are essential to reduce the risk of data loss.

Test often. Take the time to conduct quality testing of your backup solutions. By frequently testing the full backup and recovery process, you can determine weak spots and address them before challenges arise.

Ensure you have a quality testing process. If necessary, hire an outside consultant to give guidance on the type of testing procedure ideal for your operations and industry.

Go through a simulation. Practice going through the steps of recovery in the event of a natural disaster or other threat. Determine which steps should be taken to ensure that your data protection and data recovery strategies will work effectively.

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