Why Cloud Computing is the Next Big Thing

It’s no surprise that cloud computing is considered the “next big thing,” as Forbes magazine recently described this means of storing and accessing of data through the internet — instead of hard drives and other physical means.

Experts and researchers have long predicted that corporations’ adoption of cloud computing would be among the top trends of next decade. However, a recent survey shows that enterprises are embracing cloud services at a rate much faster than predicted. That means traditional models of data centers structures could face a significant disruption.

According to the Uptime Institute survey of 1,000 IT executives, about 50 percent of senior enterprise IT executives said that they anticipated most IT workloads would be located off-premise in cloud or colocation sites sometime in the future. About 23 percent of them said that the transition would occur within the next year, while another 70 percent said that the shift would happen in four years or less.

Here are some other points to keep in mind when shifting to cloud computing:

Plan carefully. According to the Uptime Institute, it’s important to plan carefully when moving IT resources off-premises. Respondents to the survey noted that it was important to carefully select colocation providers. About 40 percent of enterprise survey respondents said they paid more for colocation contracts than they had planned, while 30 percent had experienced an outage at a colocation vendor site (although studies show this is a lower rate than experienced at on-premises data centers).

Explore off-premise solutions. The survey indicated that more companies are shifting to off-premise solutions, partially because of dwindling on-site data center budgets. According to the Uptime Institute about 75 percent of survey respondents said they use some type of off-premises computing.

Pave the way to innovation. Many companies also are using the cloud to pave the way to innovative business models, streamline supply chains, and set up the platforms to help them better analyze data.

The ongoing adoption of cloud computing is providing corporations the tools to gain flexibility in current operations, while setting the course for more innovative ways to conduct business.

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  • Ketan says:

    Yaa, There are so many startups are also entering into the competition. SendGrid, AppOrbit, FxDataCloud are the examples. We will see that many of them will be Tech leader of tomorrow.

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