What’s new in XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11 (Kwik-E-Mart) Edition? And, no, the answer is not faster, fresher roller dogs and 100 oz. Slurpee’s.

Although it’s not necessarily a new (or improved) feature, I’ll begin with my personal favorite. For me, it’s Day 1 Support for Microsoft’s latest server OS release, Windows Server 2016. Can you recall the last time a software package was Day 1 Certified, come a server OS release date? I can’t remember a time when I haven’t had to wait months (or in extreme cases, over a year). This is huge and it really speaks to the Flex-cast Management Architecture (FMA) in XenApp/Desktop 7.x, the tight working relationship Citrix has with Microsoft, and Citrix announcing Microsoft Azure as the Strategic cloud vendor of choice. So, for all you bleeding edge admins out there wanting to get a fix, now you can – with the latest and greatest from both Microsoft and Citrix Day 1. No waiting on certification, patches, or CU’s and no settling for a down level version of either for your upcoming projects.

Rolling right along.

As mentioned above, Citrix has announced Microsoft Azure as their strategic cloud vendor. Keeping with that theme, Citrix has leveraged Machine Creation services to provision virtual app and desktop workload directly to Azure Resource Manager. You can now create a new XenApp and XenDesktop deployment entirely within Azure or extend an existing on-premises deployment to Azure.

This one is more of a plug for Microsoft, I think, but it goes to Citrix paying attention to what Microsoft is doing. Microsoft has moved to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) standard. The premise is simple, one application for many Windows devices. You develop once and you can deploy to any Windows device, Windows 10 devices, Servers, Smart Phones, tablets, and many more. Pretty slick for our app centric society. Now, throw Citrix in the mix and you can publish those Universal apps to any device that can run Citrix receiver. The universal app you developed (or was built-in) is no longer chained to Windows devices. You can now run them on Android, iOS, Mac or Linux. That’s even better than a BOGO on Slurpee’s in my opinion.

Keeping with the BOGO theme, you’re now able to publish Linux applications through Studio. In XenApp 7.6 FP2 Citrix released the ability to run Linux virtual desktops. Now, with 7.11, you are able to publish Linux applications. So any client that can run Citrix receiver can run published Linux applications.

I am classifying those as net new features. We can further explore the enhancements to existing features on my next blog.

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