Citrix Announces Free XenServer Enterprise, Citrix Essentials, and Project Encore

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Citrix Announces Free XenServer Enterprise, Citrix Essentials, and Project Encore

Innovative Integration partner Citrix Systems today unveiled a groundbreaking new version of Citrix® XenServer™ – the company’s enterprise-class, cloud-proven virtualization platform – that will be offered free of charge to any user for unlimited production deployment.  While basic hypervisors have been free for years, most have had limited practical use in real world environments.  With this new release, XenServer sets an entirely new standard for free virtualization with the addition of powerful new features like centralized multi-node management, multi-server resource sharing and full live motion.  Dramatically lowering the entry price of virtualization also helps address today’s challenging economic climate by making enterprise-class virtualization far more accessible to businesses of all sizes, regardless of budget. Details of this announcement can be found here.

Complementing this new version of XenServer, Citrix also announced Citrix Essentials for XenServer and Hyper-V, a new product line that adds a rich set of advanced management and automation capabilities to the Citrix and Microsoft virtualization platforms.  The new solution helps customers transform virtualized datacenters into more dynamic “delivery centers” with capabilities like lab automation, dynamic provisioning, workflow orchestration and seamless integration with leading storage systems. Additional details of the Citrix Essentials announcement can be found here.

Citrix Essentials is part of a strategic partnership with Microsoft known as Project Encore. The new solution will extend the enterprise management capabilities of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and System Center in the areas of storage management, provisioning services, and lab automation.  To accelerate broad availability to Microsoft Hyper-V customers, Citrix will make Essentials for Microsoft Hyper-V available to both Citrix and Microsoft resellers worldwide and collaborate with Microsoft on marketing and training activities. Project Encore builds on and extends the successful 20 year partnership between Citrix and Microsoft in application and desktop virtualization to the server virtualization market.

As the leading Citrix partner in Indiana and one of the most experienced firms in the Midwest with XenServer, Hyper-V and the tools that make up the Citrix Essentials product line Innovative Integration is the ideal partner to assist you in understanding and capitalizing on today’s significant announcements from Citrix and Microsoft. Innovative can help you explore and implement complete Hyper-V and XenServer solutions, including advanced storage, monitoring, and management components.

Customers looking for a quick start into server virtualization can benefit from Innovative Integration’s new “Citrix Virtualization Starter Pack.” The Starter Pack provides you with the software and consulting services to:

  • implement a two-server XenServer resource pool,
  • connect the pool to your existing, compatible shared storage device,
  • create a basic virtualized server template for you to use in deploying new virtual machines,
  • convert up to two physical or existing virtual machines to XenServer virtual machines,
  • understand the basics of XenServer management and virtual machine creation.

For customers without a compatible shared storage platform, a version of the Starter Pack is available paired with an appropriately sized Dell EqualLogic or HP LeftHand Networks iSCSI SAN.

Contact Innovative Integration today to learn more about server, desktop, and application virtualization leveraging technologies from Citrix and Microsoft.

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