Can a choose-your-own-device strategy be right for your organization?

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Canachoose your own devicestrategyberightforyourorganization?

The low cost of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy makes the option attractive to many business owners. But the savings might leave you with some concerns over security, not to mention a dip in productivity if employees have their own devices on hand to check social media, personal apps and messages.

Personal use concerns will also be present in a corporate-owned, personally-enabled (COPE) strategy, when your employees might ask for more freedom than you’re comfortable allowing.

If those options are off the table, what’re you left with?

Your company might opt for a choose-your-own-device (CYOD) strategy instead. With CYOD, your organization would allow employees to pick from a small group of devices you approve. The devices in a CYOD strategy are company-owned and usually based on only one or two operating systems to cut down on management costs. This strategy enables your IT department to reduce security concerns by taking control of the applications permitted on each device.

There’s also the benefit of limited choice. Though employees will have limited personal use options, they will be able to exercise their preferences as they pick from a few different devices. They also receive free hardware, which costs your organization more but can deliver a measurable return when the reduction of IT overhead is factored in. Of course, your organization has to be able to afford the hit to your pocketbook upfront.

Consider a CYOD strategy if BYOD has you scratching your head over IT management and security concerns. For more information on best practices, no matter which strategy you use, check out the following white paper:

View Citrix CYOD White Paper

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