Why companies still love Citrix XenApp for mobilizing Windows apps

Many businesses struggle to maximize usage of available resources and keep their business going. Server virtualization can offer tremendous benefits to businesses by centralizing technical resources. This method can also help to harness available resources for maximum benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for server utilization to drive your businesses forward.

Improves Server Efficiency
The biggest advantage of server virtualization is fitting multiple virtual machines into a single machine. This allows businesses to cut down on costs for cooling, electricity and replacing ageing machines.

Speeds Up Disaster Recovery Efforts
Today, with increasing business competition, companies are vulnerable to disasters, which may wipe their online business forever. Companies are spending huge amounts on disaster recovery solutions, whereas virtualization allows them to speed up this process. With virtualized infrastructure, it is extremely easy to create copies of the VM files than hardware servers would.

In the face of an IT disaster, retrieving the data from old hardware equipments or replacing them becomes difficult and expensive. It takes fractional costs to host an entire virtualized infrastructure and they can easily put your business on track with minimum efforts.

Increases Uptime
Server virtualization empowers businesses to increase their up-time and improve their business growth. Today, server virtualization infrastructures are equipped with advanced features such as fault tolerance, live migration, distributed resource scheduling, high availability and storage migration. These advanced features help virtual machines to recover from disaster and contribute to the to the growth of the business. The biggest benefit is ability to transfer a virtual machine hosted on one server to the other in a short period of time. It also helps businesses to attempt long-distance migrations such as moving a virtual machine from one data center to the other.

Helps to Extend Lifetime of Legacy Applications
Businesses might still retain legacy applications in their work environment. By opting for server virtualization, they can easily extend the lifetime of legacy applications. By virtualizing such machines, businesses can improve its up-time.

Minimizes the Data Center Footprint
Virtualized servers allow businesses to minimize their data center footprint by reducing the overall number of physical servers. It also minimizes the requirement of network gears and racks. This helps to reduce the occupancy on the data center floor. Businesses can further their savings by using a collocation facility.

If you are thinking about server virtualization, approach a reliable IT partner such as Innovative Integration – a full service IT company, helping businesses to migrate and secure virtualized infrastructure with minimum efforts and lower investment.

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