AI assistants eliminate the need to schedule meetings on your own

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Planning meetings may sound like a quick-and-easy task, but we all know how much time can get sucked up by nailing a single date, time and location.

Coordinating schedules, locking in times and adjusting for updates can be a real burden for any executive or administrative assistant. It’s also a menial task that diverts your employees’ attention away from more important matters. For many enterprises, the solution is to take away the human element.

That’s where comes in. With an artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistant, all you have to do is link your calendars and CC your digital assistant on the initial email, and she’ll take it from there to get meetings scheduled without the hassle of the email tag. And consumers are finding the service convincing, unknowingly interacting with the digital assistant on a human level.

“She has received flowers, chocolate, and whiskey at the office,” Dennis Mortensen, the CEO of told Business Insider. “She’s been asked if she’ll also be attending the meeting, pick up people in the lobby — and she just might have been flirted with a few times.”

But the real benefit is eliminating a waste of your time and resources, an immediate ROI that’s causing many organizations to adopt AI assistants. According to Gartner research, two-thirds of consumers in mature markets will use digital personal assistants daily by the end of 2016. has recently landed $9.2 million in funding to expand its product and services.

Scheduling meetings may seem like a small task to eliminate from your daily routine, but that’s exactly why you should consider outsourcing it.

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