4 steps to help you choose the right cloud management software


More organizations are moving to a private cloud. As the trend grows, so does the need for cloud management software, and many vendors are happy to accommodate an expanding customer base.

But how can you discern the best solution in a crowded marketplace?

Here are 4 things to consider while doing so:

  1. Multi-platform support: Does your organization need multiple hypervisors? You might need additional flexibility if you’re managing several platforms with your cloud management tool.
  2. Diagnostic support: When issues remain hidden and unfixed, your cloud management software can slow your organization down. Not good. Find a tool that’s able to quickly remedy complex infrastructure problems.
  3. Resource monitoring: Are you wasting storage? The proper tool will tell you and provide tips on how to optimize your physical resources to keep your organization running efficiently.
  4. Performance tracking: You want your virtual infrastructure to be efficient and properly balanced to get the most out of your cloud deployment. Ensure your chosen tool will help you stay on top of key performance indicators.

Ready to begin evaluating a few options? Click this link for 10 tools to consider, compiled by Computer World.

As always, Innovation Integration is happy to provide guidance. We are here to alert you to potential pitfalls and features not right for you or worth your investment.

Learn more about the different IT considerations by viewing our infographic, “How to Choose the Right Combination of Cloud, IT Equipment, and Managed Services.”

View the IT Combination Infographic

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