3 Simple Tips for Protecting Personal Data

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While it is important to protect business data, your personal data needs to be safeguarded as well. Protecting your personal data requires sufficient and reliable security, along with a way to backup and recover your data should something happen. Just like a business, the loss of your personal data could potentially result in lost money and time.

Here are three simple tips on how to protect your personal data, which will make your data safer as well accessible for when you need it!

Tip 1: Use multiple and strong passwords

Creating a strong password is easy. Use a difficult combination of numbers, symbols and letters so that it’s hard to guess. And, if you  can’t think of one or don’t want to create your own, you can always use a free strong password generator online.

While it can be a pain, create separate passwords for separate accounts. Difficulty in remembering multiple passwords is often cited as an excuse for not setting up multiple ones, but there are more and more tools out there for managing passwords, like Dashlane or Keychain. Furthermore, you can use slight variations so remembering them isn’t difficult. But it’s always good to have separate ones so that, even if one of your accounts is compromised, the others remain safe.

Tip 2: Utilize every security tool you can

A security system with several layers is difficult to hack. So, even if your data is targeted, getting through the many tiers of security will be a hassle. The simplest of programs, such as free online email accounts, have multi-layered security, too. Even if accessing your accounts takes a few extra steps, it is still worth the effort, certainly better than losing your data. Using a firewall, making sure your antivirus software is updated, running antivirus checks frequently and updating your programs regularly are all part of maintaining your personal data security.

Tip 3: Back it all up

Remember, no matter how well you protect your data from hackers and criminals, the possibility of losing all your data always exists. Whether it is due to a hack or simply a catastrophe, losing data is possible. The final, and most important, step to protecting your data is therefore backing it up in a safe and secure location. Make sure the recovery is easy, too, so that when there is an emergency, you can recover your data without too much trouble.

These three simple tips should help you keep your data safe, secure and easily accessible in times of an emergency. Keep them in the back of your mind and you’ll feel better about the safety of your personal data.

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